How We Do It

We recruit local varsity football players to be assistant youth coaches.  They are trained and supervised by our professional level coaches.  This not only provides the varsity players with well paying jobs, it gives them a chance to give back to their community.  Current players will be training future ones!  The youth players will be inspired by their Friday night heroes and will see they can follow in their footsteps!  This personal touch will increase participation and enthusiasm for the sport across all towns.  A significant portion of the proceeds from all camps will be donated back to each respective community.

4 Key Aspects

We target 4 main areas for the camp that we believe are the most important areas for on and off the field success.

Safety First

It is critical that youth players learn to block and tackle the right way and the safe way to protect themselves and fellow athletes.

Athletic Skills

Everyone at our camp will have the opportunity to play multiple positions to develop into a well rounded football player.

Life Lessons

We strive to teach our youth valuable life lessons to better themselves and grow up to be outstanding men in their community.